Primary health care reform on the agenda during visit to Hungaryár Gergely

Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab and Dr Zsofia Pusztai from WHO/Europe met with Dr Zoltan Onodi-Szucs, Minister of Health of Hungary on 3 March 2016.

Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, met Dr Zoltan Onodi-Szucs, Minister of Health, and Dr Istvan Mikola, Minister for Trade and International Cooperation, during a visit to Hungary on 3–4 March 2016.

Strengthening primary care, with a focus on prevention measures and public health functions, was discussed. Financing health care, including revenue collection mechanisms, and improving efficiency were considered in particular.

Other issues on the agenda included:

  • national plans to introduce plain tobacco packaging and organizing activities for World No Tobacco Day (31 May);
  • implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and reaching the targets at national level;
  • transfer of patients in long-term care from the health sector to social care services; and
  • Hungary's hosting of WHO/Europe's annual governance meeting, the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, in September 2017.

Dr Onodi-Szucs expressed his appreciation for the efficient collaboration between the Ministry of Health and WHO/Europe and pledged to continue the partnership.

Lecture at the Central European University

The visit also provided an opportunity for Dr Jakab to address students at the Central European University in Budapest. On the theme "Working for a more equitable and sustainable Europe", the Regional Director covered issues including the importance of health in the sustainable development agenda 2030 and WHO's role, emergency reform of WHO and the public health impact of migration.