Hungary European Union Presidency: WHO/Europe contributes to health priorities

On 1 January 2011, Hungary began its six-month term as President of the Council of the European Union.

WHO/Europe is working closely with the Hungarian Presidency, providing expertise on a range of health issues, in preparation for and during upcoming events.

Specific support includes:

  • contribution to and participation in a conference on childhood immunization, “Healthier future for our children”, 3–4 March 2011;
  • collaboration in a parallel meeting of chief medical officers, chief nursing officers, and antimicrobial resistance focal points and communications experts, 21–22 March 2011;
  • expertise on the mobility of health professionals for the conference “Patient and professional pathways in Europe”, 4–5 April 2011;
  • support for a ministerial conference on e-health, 10–12 May 2011;
  • support for the conference “Actions for prevention”, on sustainable public health systems for better actions on prevention, including Member States’ strategies on nutrition, physical activity and smoking-related health issues, 30–31 May 2011;
  • contribution to and high-level participation in the 3rd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, 16–17 June 2011.

Health priorities for the Hungarian Presidency

The Hungarian Presidency focuses on health issues common to all countries across Europe: investing in the health systems of the future and the challenges of health workforce availability. E-health and health security (with emphasis on childhood immunization) are key themes.