Hungary shares experience in promoting nutrition with Albanian delegation


Albanian expert team visits the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Sciences in Hungary jointly with representatives of the WHO Country Office and Food and Agriculture Organization

A high-level mission from Albania visited Hungary 11–13 February 2013 to benefit from Hungary’s experience in planning, implementing and monitoring its Food and Nutrition Action Plan (FNAP) 2013–2020, particularly with regard to promoting nutrition in schools.

The study visit was arranged by the WHO Country Office in Hungary, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s  Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and the Hungarian National Institute for Food and Nutrition Sciences in collaboration with the WHO Country Office in Albania.

The Albanian delegation, made up of representatives from the ministries of health, agriculture, food and consumer protection, and education and science, met with high-level officials and decision-makers from the Hungarian ministries of human resources, education, and rural development, the Hungarian Institute of Educational Research and the National Food Chain Safety Office. They also met with heads and representatives of the organizing institutes and visited the National Reference Laboratory for Food Microbiology.