Regional Director meets new State Minister for Health in Hungary

Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary

Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, visited the State Secretariat of Health at the Ministry of Human Capacities in Budapest, Hungary on 11 November 2014 to discuss key areas for further collaboration between WHO/Europe and the Ministry in line with new priorities of the country following an election this year. 

Deputy state secretaries and heads of relevant departments, the new National Counterpart of WHO and Zsofia Pusztai, Head of Country Office all participated at the roundtable discussion.

Dr Gabor Zombor, State Minister for Health thanked WHO/Europe for continuing support,  emphasizing that WHO evidence, data and reviews have been always useful in health policy-making. He expressed interest in WHO/Europe’s concrete support for the planned reform of the public health system and primary care, the need for evidence and expertise to support strategies targeting the improvement of health outcomes of the country and moreover to bring economic arguments  for investing in prevention.

Expressing her support for the Government leadership and its recent innovative measures on public heath interventions, Ms Jakab promised to help in preparing and implementing necessary programmes and suggested integrating the main findings and evidences of Health 2020, recent recommendations of country assessment reviews, case studies and governing bodies’ resolutions into the new National Health Plan 2014-2020 and related public health programmes.

Key areas of collaboration between the Ministry and WHO/Europe were discussed. In addition it was agreed that on 5 December Dr Zombor and Dr Meszaros would visit Regional Office for Europe for a more detailed discussion on new areas of collaboration.