WHO Country Office

The role of a WHO/Europe country office is to respond to requests from the host country to support policy-making for sustainable health development, taking a holistic health-system approach. This includes providing guidance, building local relationships to implement technical cooperation, making standards and agreements, and ensuring that public health measures are coordinated and in place during crises.

The WHO Country Office, Hungary was established in Budapest in 1991, to implement the joint projects agreed by WHO/Europe and the country. The Country Office is the focal point for WHO activities in Hungary. It has three staff members.

Biennial collaborative agreements between WHO/Europe and the host country set the priorities for the Country Office. It implements the agreements, working closely with national institutions and international partner agencies. During Hungary’s European Union presidency in 2011, the Country Office assisted and facilitated the collaboration of WHO/Europe and the Ministry of National Resources, providing expertise on a range of health issues and helping to prepare and hold conferences and other events.