Rethinking pharmaceutical policy to facilitate appropriate use of medicines


47 participants from across and beyond the European Region met for a week in Venice to become updated on developments in medicines policy and to rethink policy action at country level - as well as generate ideas for collaboration across countries on future sustainability of pharmaceutical expenditure.

The 6-day Observatory Venice Summer School 2014 titled “Re-thinking pharmaceutical policy. Optimising decisions in an era of uncertainty” combined formal teaching with a participative approach that included participant presentations, roundtables, panel discussions and group work. It mobilized the latest evidence, a multidisciplinary team of experts and the insights of key international organizations. 

With increasing demand and several current premium-priced medicines coming to the market this was a very timely event that gave participants tools and experience that can facilitate appropriate use of medicines including balancing access and cost efficiency. 

Focus on sustainability

Pharmaceutical expenditure continues to be a key issue in most Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and emerging countries, presenting decision-makers with significant challenges and dilemmas about future sustainability. The WHO/Europe Health Technology and Pharmaceutical Programme will continue collaboration with countries on this topic. Several country-specific activities are underway as well as an overview technical report mapping European country evidence and experiences.