The Veneto model – a regional approach to tackling global and European health challenges (2016)



2016, xii + 40 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5138 5

Regions' performance and achievements of in the area of health, and the factors promoting their success, have been little studied. Within the framework established by the Government of Italy, the Veneto Region has health-related responsibilities that include organizing services to protect and promote health and providing health and social care. The Region has long had a strong partnership with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. 

This publication is based on discussions at a conference on positioning the Veneto Region at the core of global and European health policies, which the Region held in Venice in December 2015. It addresses health policy and practice in the Region and examines how these bring together the aims and efforts of the various actors working in the field of health at different levels – from European to local – in tackling health problems. It illustrates how the Veneto model was developed and how it is continuously adapted to meet ever-changing circumstances.