Celebrating World Blood Donor Day 2010 in Kazakhstan: New blood for the world

Blood Service Kazakhstan

Registration of a blood donor

Participants in the blood donor promotion campaign "Become a donor today! Give hope to sick children for tomorrow!" donated 43 litres of blood.

The campaign, dedicated to the World Blood Donor Day event, was held on 13 June in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. 95 donors attended, including 40 students from undergraduate and higher educational institutions of Karaganda.

The organizers of the campaign prepared promotional materials such as posters, announcements and flyers. An informational video about blood donation was broadcasted on a video monitor in public transportation and on LCD screens in the city. During the campaign, information materials were distributed to Karaganda citizens by volunteers - an invitation to take part in this compassionate action.

The organizers thanked all who supported the campaign on World Blood Donor Day.