WHO/Europe highlights the health dimension at the ‘Environment for Europe’ Conference

With side events and exhibitions, WHO will keep the spotlight on health at the forthcoming Seventh "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 21-23 September 2011.

The Conference main themes are sustainable management of water and water-related ecosystems, and greening the economy: mainstreaming the environment into economic development. Both themes belong to long-standing areas of collaboration between WHO/Europe and UNECE, as part of the European Environment and Health Process and of the implementation of the Parma Ministerial Declaration on environment and health.

Two WHO side events address each of the Conference main themes.

  • 21 September: "Making THE Link: transport choices for our health, environment and prosperity"
    This side event will kick off a new partnership to highlight win-win-win opportunities in transport that are healthy, environmentally sustainable and also benefit the economy. The event is organized by the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP), an initiative by WHO/Europe and UNECE that promotes healthy and environmentally sustainable transport.
  • 22 September: "The Protocol on Water and Health: where water, environment and health meet"
    A panel of Parties and other important stakeholders under the Protocol will demonstrate through practical examples the implementation, challenges and lessons learnt from the Protocol, as well as the added value of its intersectoral approach. The event is jointly organized by WHO/Europe and UNECE, the Protocol secretariat, together with Hungary, Norway and Romania.

WHO publications, including those presenting the results of a pilot initiative to protect health from climate change in seven countries in central Asia and South-eastern Europe, will be available at an exhibition area.