Global Adult Tobacco Survey results launched in Astana, Kazakhstan

National Centre for Problems of Healthy Lifestyles Development, Kazakhstan

A national Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) was conducted in Kazakhstan in 2014 that surveyed 4425 men and women aged 15 years or older. The results were presented at a report launch event on 29 May 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • 42.4% of men, 4.5% of women and 22.4% (2.8 million) of adults currently smoke tobacco.
  • Among those who have ever smoked on a daily basis, only 1 in 10 has quit smoking.
  • 19.0% (1.2 million) of adults who worked indoors were exposed to tobacco smoke at work; 27.6% (1.2 million) of adults were exposed to tobacco smoke when visiting restaurants.
  • 97.6% of current smokers noticed pictorial health warnings on cigarette packages; 58.0% of current smokers thought about quitting because of the pictorial health warnings.
  • 25.7% of adults noticed cigarette advertising, sponsorship or promotion.
  • Only 73.0% of current smokers (84.9% of current, former and never smokers) believed smoking causes serious illness; only 57.3% of current smokers (74.0% of current, former and never smokers) believed breathing other people's smoke causes serious illness in nonsmokers.

GATS partners in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, GATS was conducted by the Information Computing Center (ICC) of the Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan in collaboration with the National Center for Problems of Healthy Lifestyle Development (NCPHLD) and the Ministry of Health and Social Development. The survey had the support of the WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan, WHO/Europe, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the CDC Foundation and RTI International.

GATS background

GATS is a nationally representative household survey of all non-institutionalized men and women aged 15 years and older using a standard and consistent protocol. Survey data are collected electronically during face-to-face interviews. Following the WHO MPOWER framework, and incorporating the articles of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), GATS represents statistics on tobacco use; second-hand smoke exposure; cessation; warnings about the dangers of tobacco; bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and tobacco taxes.

Global GATS Atlas 2015

The GATS Atlas 2015 presents tobacco statistics from 22 countries, covering nearly 60% of the world's population, for the period 2008–2013. For the WHO European Region, it includes data for Greece (2013), Poland (2010), Romania (2011), the Russian Federation (2009), Turkey (2008, 2012) and Ukraine (2010).

The GATS Atlas serves as a resource for public health professionals, researchers, decision makers and advocates in their efforts to advance tobacco control policy at national and international levels.