Capacity of the health system in Kazakhstan for crisis management



2012, iv + 31 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 0240 0
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Natural and man-made disasters have profound human consequences, and WHO provides countries with technical guidance on and support in building programmes that prepare their health sectors to respond to emergencies.

This report presents a WHO assessment of the preparedness of Kazakhstan’s health system for emergencies and health crises. It evaluates the arrangements the country has in place to deal with crises, regardless of cause, examines the initiatives it has taken to prevent and mitigate risk, and makes recommendations on how to strengthen the overall preparedness capacity of the health system. Using the WHO health systems’ framework, it addresses the following components essential to preparedness: stewardship and governance, the health workforce, medical products, vaccines and technology, health information, health financing and service delivery.

While the main focus is on the national level, some attention is paid to the capacity for crisis management at the regional level and to the links between the various levels of government. It will be of interest to all those involved in crisis management, at many levels and in various sectors of government.