From Alma-Ata to Astana: Primary health care – reflecting on the past, transforming for the future (2018)




The Global Conference on Primary Health Care, taking place on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Alma-Ata, aims to commemorate and reaffirm the original principles of the declaration while renewing political commitment to placing primary health care (PHC) at the foundation of achieving universal health coverage and the sustainable development goals.

This interim report, is one of the six reports developed by each WHO regional office as background documentation for the conference. It analyses PHC progress made in the European region over the past four decades and makes projections for the future of PHC.

To develop the report, all 53 European Member States were invited to submit input based on their experiences in PHC innovations, enablers and barriers. By examining the main challenges and opportunities for PHC in the European region since 1978, and taking stock of the lessons that have been learned at both national and regional levels, the report identifies key innovations of PHC models for the 21st century. This provides a base guidance for strengthening health systems around PHC to achieve health for all and ultimately transform the vision set out in the 1978 declaration into a practical reality.