Kyrgyzstan commits to implementing Health 2020


Kyrgyzstan has pledged its firm commitment to the goals and principles of Health 2020 by adopting a resolution to improve population health and reduce health inequities in the country. The resolution was passed at a policy roundtable held in Bishkek.

Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Jantoro Joldoshevich Satybaldiev called on all ministers to join hands on the national Health 2020 strategy: “The protection of public health is a task not only for the Ministry of Health. It is a whole-government problem. I urge ministers to take this problem very seriously and take an active part in the discussion of the draft of the strategy presented.”

National strategic plan in line with Health 2020

The resolution places Kyrgyzstan firmly in the first wave of Member States in the WHO European Region to fully embrace the challenge of implementing the Health 2020 policy framework and adapting it to their national circumstances.

About 100 participants from the Ministry of Health and other sectors attended the event. The former Minister of Health of Turkey, Professor Recep Akdağ, was a keynote speaker, urging the Government to be strong on issues such as tobacco control and giving encouraging examples from his country’s experience.

WHO/Europe has supported Kyrgyzstan in developing its new national strategic plan for health in line with the principles and priorities of Health 2020. An official visit to Kyrgyzstan by the WHO Regional Director for Europe is planned for February 2014, and the agenda will include both Health 2020 and the roadmap of the “Den Sooluk” programme for reform of the health sector in 2013–2017.

Emphasizing WHO’s support for the new development in Kyrgyzstan, Dr Agis Tsouros, Director of the Division of Policy and Governance for Health and Well-being at WHO/Europe, said: “The strong message and leadership from the Prime Minister at this event is an encouraging indication of the high-level commitment to take forward a whole-of-government approach to improving health.”