Improving TB management capacity in Kyrgyzstan and assessment of TB review implementation status

WHO/Europe organized a 2–day workshop on the benefits of results-based management in tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control on 17-18 February in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The workshop provided a country-adapted introduction to the results-based approach, during which participants from the National TB Programme (NTP) were given hands-on guidance on applying the technique. Material was presented and discussed in plenary sessions and working groups.

The outcome of the workshop will be a roadmap detailing adequate and feasible steps in step-wise introduction of the approach in the NTP's routine work processes.
Furthermore, there was a round-table discussion concerning TB relevant financing aspects and strategies, and the way forward to further optimizing TB financing within overall health care reform; implementation status of key recommendations stemming from a TB programme review conducted in June 2014 in Kyrgyzstan and
recommendations made on how to further speed up the implementation and progress in TB prevention and care in the country.