Intersectoral collaboration – improving maternal health in Kyrgyzstan


2015 is the target date by which progress in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – including MDG 5 to improve maternal health – is evaluated. During the last 10 years, the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has carried out numerous projects in reproductive, maternal and child health assisted by WHO and other aid development partners with good results. The number of maternal death cases has decreased, and health information, registration and analysis of every maternal death case have improved. However, maternal mortality in Kyrgyzstan is still one of the highest in the WHO European Region. 

Poor women have a higher risk of dying during pregnancy and delivery

Results of a confidential enquiry of maternal deaths confirm that the risk of dying during pregnancy, childbirth or after delivery increases 10 times if a woman is poor, 5 times if she lives in a remote area and 3.5 times if she is an internal migrant.

Many of the problems cannot be solved by the health sector alone and require a whole-of-government approach. To discuss the challenges and agree on the way forward, the Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Damira Niyazaliyeva, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and international organizations, organized a forum of local and international policy-makers.

The forum resolution and further practical actions were discussed in the Vice Prime Minister's office and the Ministry of Health, and presented in a press conference. The resolution contains background information on the progress achieved, as well as 10 concrete actions related to coordinated intersectoral governance including local municipalities, a special focus on the most in need, gender equality and human rights, and revision of the curriculum for health professionals based on the latest evidence and guidelines. Aid development partners will assist the Government of Kyrgyzstan to help ensure that every woman and family may experience childbirth as a positive experience.