Pandemic Influenza Preparedness 2017 planning workshop

This year’s annual planning workshop for implementation of the 2017 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework Partnership Contribution was held on 13–15 September 2016 at the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The attendees included national professional officers, the WHO focal points for PIP project implementation in the five PIP priority countries in the European Region (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), the WHO consultant supporting implementation of PIP projects in the Region, and the PIP members of the WHO/Europe’s Influenza and other Respiratory Pathogens (IRP) team.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • update the first gap analysis and review the latest developments in implementation of the PIP Framework Partnership Contribution, including the PIP global 2017 planning guidelines and processes;
  • review the results from 2016 and the plans for 2017;
  • agree on the programmatic, technical and financial reporting requirements, including reviewing the PIP management dashboard and the PIP portal and annual report being developed by the PIP Secretariat;
  • agree on strategies for addressing common challenges faced by all five PIP priority countries.

Most of the Region’s priority countries are beginning to show improvement across the 21 laboratory and surveillance indicators; reporting results and demonstrating the impact of implementation of the PIP Framework Partnership Contribution compared to the baseline data were central issues at the meeting.

The meeting also enabled participants to interact with the PIP Secretariat, and a separate session was organized with the participation of the heads of the WHO country offices from the five PIP priority countries to discuss the main challenges in PIP implementation, the priorities in 2017 and individual country needs.