Kyrgyz app for the care of children in hospital now available

An app based on a Kyrgyz adaptation of the second edition of the WHO Pocket book has been launched. This innovation will allow doctors, nurses, students and academics access to important national clinical guidelines. It will also contribute to the implementation of the national e-Health strategy for Kyrgyzstan, representing a vivid example of WHO’s contribution.

The first edition of the WHO Pocket book of hospital care for children: Guidelines for the management of common childhood illnesses in low and middle income countries was published in 2005. The Pocket book, aimed at medical, nursing and other health-care students and practitioners, presents a summary of the technical background and evidence-base underlying the clinical guidelines.

In 2012, the WHO Pocket book was adapted to the Kyrgyz context, which ensured that technical recommendations and provisions were aligned with national rules and regulations on clinical treatment.  Its publication was the result of WHO technical support as part of the biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) between WHO Europe and Kyrgyzstan, and partners such as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It was made widely available to doctors, mid-level hospital staff and the staff of the mandatory health insurance fund (MHIF), through the Ministry of Health, which approved its use as clinical guidelines.

The WHO Pocket book became perhaps the most demanded WHO product in the country and as a result was reprinted on several occasions. Thus, when a second edition, which contained critical updates and new sections was released, it was also adapted by the country with WHO support.

In light of the success and high demand for the Pocket book, WHO Europe’s Child and Adolescent Health programme supported the development of the Kyrgyz national adaptation of the Pocket book into an app for mobile devices.

The work was carried out under the BCA for 2016–2017 between Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Health and WHO Europe, and supported by the "Universal Health Coverage Partnership: Supporting policy dialogue on national health policies, strategies and plans and universal coverage" financed by WHO, the European Union and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The app, available in Russian, is now free to download for iOS devices in the App Store.