Long-term trends in the financial burden of health care seeking in Kyrgyzstan, 2000–2014 (2016)




Kyrgyzstan has committed itself to universal health coverage and has launched comprehensive reforms to improve the health of the Kyrgyz population.

This is a unique, repeated cross-sectional survey to assess financial burden on the population and access to care over a 15-year period. The survey provides evidence of impressive reduction in financial burden associated with health care seeking due to the introduction of comprehensive health reforms during 2000-2009.

However, the financial burden for health care services increased again after 2009 considerably, in particular for the two poorest groups of the population and in the two largest cities, Bishkek and Osh.

Thus, the evidence obtained over the past 15 years in Kyrgyzstan indicates that well thought-out health reforms contextualized to the country’s needs can reduce financial burden associated with health care seeking but sustaining these gains in the longer term can be a challenge.