The WHO Country Office Latvia was established in 1991 in Riga to serve as a direct link between the Government of Latvia and WHO. The Country Office is the focal point for WHO activities in Latvia and the Country team consists of 2 staff members. After independence in 1991, Latvia initially moved to create a social health insurance type system. However, problems with decentralized planning and fragmented and inefficient financing led to this being gradually reversed, and ultimately the establishment in 2011 of a National Health Service type system. The main causes of death in Latvia are diseases of the circulatory system, malignant tumors and external causes.

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Strengthening primary care in the Baltic countries

Member States in the WHO European Region and around the world are challenged with managing the growing double burden of disease, longer life expectancies, and persistent but also re-emerging communicable diseases.

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WHO/Europe offices

WHO Country Office, Latvia
UN House
- Pils street 21
Riga LV-1050
Tel.: +371 6 7503619
Fax: +371 6 7503603

Ministry of health

Ministry of Health
Brīvības street 71
Riga LV-1011
Tel.: +371 6 7876000
Fax: +371 6 7876002

Regional Committee

"Leaving no one behind is our call to action"

Regional Director addresses the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Budapest, Hungary

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