Regions for Health Network Twenty-third annual meeting report (2017)



Achieving a healthy, sustainable society: the need for integration, inclusion and coherence at international, subnational and regional levels

Kaunas, Lithuania, 22–23 September 2016

The 23rd annual meeting of the WHO Regions for Health Network took place in Kaunas Region, Lithuania, on 22–23
September 2016. The main theme was the integration of efforts at international, national and subnational levels to achieve the objectives of Health 2020 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The meeting included sessions reviewing the relationship between Health 2020 and the 2030 Agenda; action at regional
level within countries to address Health 2020; aspects of health and the environment; recent efforts to transform health care delivery; findings from recent studies on intersectoral collaboration; and the implications at regional level of the recently agreed Strategy on women’s health and well-being in the WHO European Region.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for network members to hear about each other’s recent experiences and progress with the agreed programme of publications, and to consider how better to work with other parts of the WHO family, and in particular the Healthy Cities Network.