WHO-EU partnership supporting policy dialogue and the Republic of Moldova’s aspiration towards universal health coverage

To highlight the achievements of the European Union (EU)-Luxembourg-WHO Universal Health Coverage Partnership for 2011–2015, the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova coordinated production of a video sharing the country's experience of health policy dialogue. The video explains the national context, the health system changes underway and further steps to be taken. WHO, the European Union (EU) and Luxembourg provided financial support for production of the video.

Since 2011, WHO has supported the Moldovan Government in:

  • providing an appropriate environment for sector coordination;
  • building new evidence;
  • providing technical assistance on selected topics at local, central, parliamentary and international levels; and
  • facilitating debate and reaching agreements on multiple policies and ongoing reform activities in the health care sector.

Considering the health profile and previous system reforms, the Government of the Republic of Moldova has prioritized several areas for policy interventions and actions to achieve better health and development outcomes in line with the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals. These include:

  • health financing and improvement of health insurance arrangements
  • steps to address the high level of out-of-pocket payments
  • increased autonomy of providers
  • the addition of pay-for-performance in primary health care
  • regionalization of public health services.

About the EU-Luxembourg-WHO Universal Health Coverage Partnership

The EU–WHO Partnership began in 2011 with 7 (phase I) countries from 2012 to 2014; 7 additional (phase II) countries were added beginning in January 2013. 6 more countries were added through the Luxembourg–WHO Partnership. The initiative merged the efforts in the thematic areas of health systems – policy dialogue, health financing and aid effectiveness – through the International Health Partnership.

The scope was thus broadened to include elements that are in synergy with each other, as well as to find synergies within countries. Gradually the new designation of the programe became the EU-Luxembourg-WHO Universal Health Coverage Partnership, facilitating policy dialogue on national health policies, strategies and plans, and universal coverage. The Republic of Moldova joined this global partnership in 2011 in close collaboration with WHO and the EU.