The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia celebrates European Immunization Week


The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia celebrated European Immunization Week (EIW) 2015 with the slogan: Protect. Prevent. Immunize. 

The Ministry of Health, together with stakeholders and institutions working with immunization and vaccination processes in the country – such as the Institute for Mother and Child Health, immunization units, local nongovernmental organizations, WHO and the United Nations Children's Fund – took part. 

A workshop on immunization for preventive health care personnel took place on 17 April 2015. Workshop topics included:

  • the need to improve immunization commitment at political, professional and personal levels;
  • communication and advocacy activities;
  • information on 2014 immunization coverage;
  • regular education process to refresh the knowledge for immunization and cold chain, the process to maintain optimal conditions during the transport, storage, and handling of vaccines; and
  • information about the introduction of polyvalent vaccines.

Other immunization activities took place throughout the country, especially in rural areas, focussing on unimmunized children. The main event took place on 19 April in the City Park in Skopje, with local celebrities and children from elementary schools performing. A sports trainer emphasized the importance of physical activities for improving health behaviours by demonstrating different exercises. Similar awareness-raising events took place in other large cities.

Posters, brochures and information flyers promoting EIW and the benefits of immunization were distributed throughout the country. Local television stations also promoted EIW.