Public health advice issued following flash floods in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

WHO/Snezhana Chichevalieva

Aftermath of the flash floods in Singelic settlement, Skopje, August 2016.

Intense rainfall in Skopje and surrounding areas in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on 6 August 2016 caused flash floods and landslides that have led to at least 21 deaths. About 2000 people were evacuated, and 500 received medical assistance.

The Government is providing accommodation, food and water to those affected. New rainfall is expected towards the end of this week, but clean-up operations to remove floodwater from homes and disinfection activities are already under way.

According to the Government, the health sector is coping well. The WHO Country Office is providing technical advice and printed materials related to water and food hygiene, and the Organization stands ready to assist in case of need.