WHO supports the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the development of its National action plan on healthy ageing 2017–2025


As part of its biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) for 2016–2017, WHO/Europe is supporting the Ministry of Health of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the process of developing its National action plan on healthy ageing 2017–2025.

The second workshop to develop the action plan under the framework of the National Health 2020 Strategy took place in Ohrid on 13–15 March 2017. The multisectoral group of participants included 30 representatives from various health and other governmental and nongovernmental institutions and international organizations, including: the Association of Retired Persons, Geriatric Hospital Skopje, Health House Skopje, the Health Insurance Fund, Local – Self-Government, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, the National Institute for Public Health, the Public Health Centre in Ohrid, Social Services Skopje and Ohrid, the United Nations Population Fund, and civil society organizations such as Humanost and the Red Cross.

The action plan is in line with the WHO Strategy and action plan for healthy ageing in Europe 2012–2020. Its objectives include:

  • improving the health status and well-being of the elderly population via the lifecycle approach to health and a health-in-all-policies approach;
  • reducing health inequalities by curbing the negative impact of social determinants on health with a special emphasis on the elderly population;
  • enabling active participation and responsibility-taking by every individual, community and sector for improving the health status of citizens; and
  • improving and strengthening capacities and services within the health care system and the realm of public health through intersectoral cooperation with all relevant sectors and at all levels of society, with a view to providing accessible, high-quality, efficient and effective services and conditions for healthy ageing at individual, community and population levels.

The workshop set the framework for the action plan, which will address all aspects of healthy ageing and provide a focused response to the country’s health system. It allowed participants to define actions that will integrate all sectors in policy-making and the responses associated with healthy ageing, and provided an opportunity to streamline the actions with the Sustainable Development Goals.