Climate change - health adaption strategy and action plan of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



This strategy includes objectives and activities to be carried out by the health sector in cooperation with other relevant sectors. It is meant is to liase with other strategies in this area developed by other sectors and to form part of the chain of activities aimed at reducing the impact of climate change on people’s health in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The general goal of the strategy is to plan climate change adaptation measures for the health system to prevent and/or overcome existing and future risks and to respond promptly to the risks and problems for people’s health and well-being that are expected as a result of climate change in the the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

This strategy was developed by the climate change and health committee of the Ministry of Health, with support and guidance from WHO/Europe as part of the project “Protecting health from climate change – A seven country initiative”, implemented with financial support from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation of Nuclear Safety.