Heat-health action plan - to prevent the heat wave consequences on the health of the population in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia




The heat-health action plan of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been developed to implement adaptation measures and prevent health consequences of extreme heat caused by changing weather conditions as a result of climate change.

The primary goal of the Plan is to reduce heat-related morbidity and deaths through issuing heat-health warnings, with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable population groups, provide timely advice and announcements of upcoming heat-waves, raise awareness amongst the public and health workers, and coordinate and mobilize all available resources in a timely manner to prevent the health consequences of heat-waves.

The Plan consists of activities that will be conducted by governmental representatives and institutions from the health sector as well as other relevant sectors. The aim of the Plan is to provide a multisectoral approach in the response to extreme heat, through prompt action by all institutions designated as responsible within this Plan. This document is in line with the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

This publication is also available in Macedonian and Albanian.