Top chef endorses food safety: World Health Day 2015 in Poland


Mr Grzegorz Lapanowski from the NGO School on the Fork demonstrates how to keep food safe in the refrigerator.

World Health Day 2015 in Poland was an opportunity to alert people working in different government sectors, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, health practitioners – as well as consumers – about the importance of food safety, and the part they play in ensuring that the food on their plate is safe to eat.

Celebrations for World Health Day started on 31 March with a joint conference of all main stakeholders involved in food security: the WHO Country Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, Polish FAO National Committee, European Food Safety Authority, National Food and Nutrition Institute and the National Institute of Public Health. This intersectoral conference "Daily dilemmas of the consumer - what does your food consist of?" was hosted by the National Institute of Public Health and gathered almost 200 participants from across Poland.

Food safety conference on national TV

Polish TV screened the press conference on 7 April, which included the Ministry of Health, WHO Country Office, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, National Food and Nutrition Institute and National Institute of Public Health. The Conference was opened by Dr Igor Radziewicz – Winnicki, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health followed by Dr Paulina Miskiewicz, Head of the WHO Country Office in Poland. During the conference eminent speakers shared practical information on how to ensure food safety from labelling to additives.

The WHO Five keys to safer food video was translated into Polish with the voice of the well-known Polish cook – Grzegorz Lapanowski . Chef Lapanowski demonstrated in a very easy and interesting way how to make food safe and how to store food in the fridge correctly.