Situation analysis and recommendations for stewardship on workplace health promotion in Poland



2012 This report presents a situation analysis and recommendations on strengthening stewardship of the government for the improvement of workplace health promotion (WHP) within occupational health services (OHS). Information was collected from stakeholders involved in WHP in Poland during a mission by WHO staff and consultant in September 2010. Preliminary analysis and recommendations were reviewed with the stakeholders in April 2011. According to the evidence from research, WHP programmes are more effective and sustainable when they are addressed as an integral part of the OHS system as well as the overall health system. Therefore, the leadership role of the Ministry of Health recognizing occupational health as an area of public health services is critical for improvement of WHP in Poland.

The multi-sectoral cooperation and broad-based collaborations between the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in OHS and WHP (e.g., the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, National Labour Inspectorate, health sector at large, research institutions, professional associations and the social partners representing employers and workers) are also very important. A reform of Polish OHS system is proposed to move from limited “Occupational Medicine” focusing on health examinations to comprehensive “Occupational Health” focusing on primary prevention and health promotion as well as health protection. For this purpose, it is recommended that the Ministry of Health establish a unit for OHS and WHP, and organize an annual National Conference on Modern OHS with the participation of the stakeholders of OHS and WHP in Poland.