Portugal health system performance assessment 2010



This report presents the main findings of an assessment of the performance of the Portuguese health system carried out by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in 2008 and 2009 as part of the Biennial Collaborative Agreement between the Ministry of Health of Portugal and the Regional Office.

The objectives of this report are to assess the performance of the Portuguese health system and to provide policy recommendations to policy-makers to improve overall performance. The assessment was driven by a set of core policy questions grouped into sections. These policy questions focus primarily on performance in relation to the ultimate goals of the health system and its determinants. The findings of the assessment are based on: a statistical analysis of a core set of health system performance indicators derived from a conceptual framework for health system performance assessment; interviews with health system policy-makers and stakeholders at national, regional and local levels; a round table discussion with policy-makers and health system experts; and a selective review of the literature.

This report includes an executive summary and a short presentation of key messages. Annexes present a summary of performance dimensions, policy questions and performance indicators and a summary of findings and policy recommendations.