Republic of Moldova

The WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova was established in 1995, in Chisinau. The original goal was to provide continuous support to health authorities and partners in improving population health through evidence-based, sustainable public health and health care interventions as well as to advice on health in all policies. Over the years the Office has been the focal point for all WHO activities in the Republic of Moldova. In 2011 the WHO Country Office profile was upgraded. The Office is now under the leadership of a WHO Representative/Head of Country Office and is scaling up the level of activities to support national policy development.

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Study on Moldovan health workers in Romania highlights factors leading to emigration

Results of this comprehensive study were launched on 27 June 2014.

WHO/Europe offices

WHO Country Office, Republic of Moldova
29, Sfatul Tarii Street
MD-2012 Chisinau
Tel.: +373 22 83 99 60, +373 22 83 99 61
Fax: +373 22 83 99 70

Ministry of health

Ministry of Health
2, Alexandri Str.
MD-2009 Chisinau
Tel.: + 373 22 268885, +373 22 26 88 53
Fax: +373 22 26 88 38

Areas of Work

Priorities for joint work are set out in the biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) 2012–2013 between WHO/Europe and the Republic of Moldova. This framework for collaboration reflects the new vision of WHO/Europe as approved by the sixtieth session of the Regional Committee for Europe – Better Health for Europe, as well as the concepts, principles and values underpinning the development of WHO/Europe's new Country Strategy and the European Policy for Health – Health 2020.

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Addressing the noncommunicable diseases in Republic of Moldova

Data and statistics


Estimated life expectancy at birth, in years (as of 2010)

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