Minister of the Republic of Moldova visits WHO/Europe


From left: Dr Jarno Habicht, Head of Country Office in the Republic of Moldova, Dr Usatîi and Ms Jakab

On 22 June, Dr Andrei Usatîi, Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova, met with Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, to learn more about WHO/Europe’s work and discuss health priorities in his country.

Dr Usatîi explained that the country’s health system reforms since the 1990s have focused on:

  • building family-based primary health care services to bring care closer to the population;
  • restructuring hospital care to improve effectiveness;
  • increasing the responsiveness of emergency care; and
  • focusing greater attention on health promotion.

This work is continuing, with additional priorities:

  • increasing contributions to national health insurance;
  • fighting tuberculosis, particularly multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; and
  • improving maternal and child health.

Addressing noncommunicable diseases through community-level interventions is a particular priority for Dr Usatîi. He acknowledged the dynamic and effective collaboration between the Ministry and WHO, on health sector coordination, support for strategy and policy development, and specific technical issues.

During the meeting, Ms Jakab highlighted WHO/Europe’s priorities, and noted possible synergies between the Ministry’s and WHO/Europe’s focus areas, and the potential for scaled up collaboration and support in the future.