Improving ambulatory care of chronic conditions in Republic of Moldova


Republic of Moldova is one of 5 pilot countries in the European Region that are addressing the need to strengthen primary health care in order to improve treatment and reduce hospital admissions for ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions (ACSCs).  

National workshop

A national workshop on management of ACSCs was conducted on 17–19 December 2013 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The workshop for national stakeholders and key primary health care specialists focused on:

  • recent reforms of the primary health care system; 
  • current needs and development prospects; 
  • selected priority ACSCs, such as hypertension and diabetes; 
  • the need for system strengthening to successfully treat these conditions in a primary health care settings.

Policy study

The workshop was organized in the framework of a policy study on ACSCs that has been initiated by WHO/Europe and conducted by ECORYS, using a standardized tool. The study being piloted in Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine aims to contribute to strengthening primary health care settings by:

  • identifying challenges and opportunities to effectively prevent, diagnose and treat ACSCs in primary health care; 
  • estimating potential savings; and 
  • deriving contextualized and actionable policy recommendations for health service delivery transformation.

Opening remarks

Speaking at the workshop’s opening session, Deputy Minister of Health, Mr Mihai Ciocanu, stressed the importance of strengthening primary health care to adequately address ACSCs at primary health care level and decrease hospital admissions. “There is great potential to improve the system’s responsiveness and efficiency through better management of chronic conditions by family doctors,” said Dr. Jarno Habicht, WHO Representative to the Republic of Moldova. 

These activities are part of the European Union supported project on Health Sector Budget Support Related Technical Assistance and a Swiss project on support to strengthening governance and policy dialogue in the health sector in the Republic of Moldova.