Health professionals gather for final aid effectiveness and donor coordination meeting


The last in a series of 3 meetings on aid effectiveness and donor coordination in the health sector took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 14–15 December 2017. The meeting brought together health professionals from both banks of the Dniester River, providing a common platform for learning about European Union (EU) processes and mechanisms, and how to prepare a project proposal in the health sector.

The event, hosted by the WHO Representation to the EU in Brussels, with support from the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova, aimed to create an understanding of:

  • the role of a project and the activities related to each stage – what we want to achieve and why;
  • how to approach projects from an organizational perspective;
  • how to structure a good project proposal.

The learning process included components on:

  • proposal writing to obtain funds;
  • standards related to developing projects;
  • understanding a project’s value as a tool for achieving an organization’s mission;
  • understanding the role of project proposals in project management;
  • acquiring skills in conducting preparatory work and developing plans with realistic goals and resources.

The practical element consisted of group work to brainstorm on several project proposals and developing the projects’ structure using freshly gained knowledge.

Leen Meulenbergs, WHO Representative to the EU, stressed in her opening speech, “WHO is pleased to offer an opportunity to come together and share international best practices on aid effectiveness and donor management, bearing in mind that the most important component is to show real and measurable impacts that benefit the health of the population on the ground”.

Participants expressed their appreciation of the effectiveness and practicality of the training to improve their project development and management skills. They also welcomed the opportunity to identify potential areas of collaboration in health under the common project proposal.

Process description

The first meeting on aid effectiveness and donor coordination took place in Geneva, 26–27 April 2017. The main aims were to familiarize participants with general principles of aid effectiveness and donor coordination, with a special focus on the global framework and principles of aid coordination (Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, Accra Agenda For Action), strategies for aid effectiveness in the health sector, public health emergencies and aid for disaster response and recovery/humanitarian assistance, and the WHO’s role as coordinating agency.

The second meeting was held in Brussels on 31 July 2017. This covered topics such as EU processes; the role of the WHO Representation to the EU; and how to work with the EU, including programmes and procedures of the European Commission Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE).

WHO support for this activity is included in the Biennial Collaborative Agreement between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova and WHO/Europe. The initiative is funded by the EU programme “Support to Confidence Building Measures” and coordinated by WHO under technical assistance and capacity-building activities in the health sector.