Health Policy Paper Series Nr. 19: Quality and safety of health care in the Republic of Moldova (2015)




The study used a national assessment framework to identify the policies, structures, methods and ressources available in the Moldovan health system that would contribute to quality assurance across five specific areas, such as: rights of patients, development of health-care providers, professional management, clinical practice, and clinical professions.

This analysis documents that many of the policies, structures and methods for improvement of quality of care common to other countries have been initiated in the Republic of Moldova over the past ten years. However, many of these have not been fully implemented, supported, integrated or systematically evaluated for impact. For the purpose of designing a national plan for quality improvement, this study explores the opportunities for future achievement and for learning from the past.

It provides ten common strategic visions that the Government should consider when designing a strategy or a plan for quality improvement. The report, as well proposed a framework for strengthening quality and safety of health care in the Republic of Moldova, designed around five areas: the existing policies on quality of care in the country; the internationaly recognized values, dimensions and implications of quality; principles of quality measurement; principles of quality improvement through various stakeholders; and how quality management should be organized and institutionalized at system level to ensure that all specific areas of quality of care are functional and actually have an impact on quality of care improvement.