Russian Federation

The WHO Country Office in the Russian Federation was established in December 1998 in Moscow. The original role of the Country Office included coordinating health sector assistance based on WHO’s technical capacity, assisting the Russian health authorities in activities against tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and giving support for structural issues linked to essential drugs.

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Long-term care services in focus in the Russian Federation

A coordinating working group for long-term care in the Russian Federation was established in close cooperation with WHO on 27–28 November 2019 at a meeting in Moscow. The working group will support the development of the national long-term care system by providing an exchange platform for key experts and decision-makers in the field.

WHO/Europe offices

WHO Country Office, Russian Federation
9, Leontievsky Pereulok
Moscow 125009
Tel.: +7 495 787 2108
Fax: +7 495 787 2119

Ministry of health

Ministry of Health
3, Rakhmanovskiy per., GSP-4
Moscow 127994
Fax: +7 495 692-78-38


On 5 September 2019, Dr Piroska Ӧstlin, Acting WHO Regional Director for Europe, visited Moscow, Russian Federation.

Moscow joins the WHO Regions for Health Network (RHN)

Data and statistics


Estimated life expectancy at birth, in years (as of 2010)

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