On World Health Day 2016, Slovakia raises awareness about diabetes and provides health checks

To mark World Health Day 2016 and to spread the word about the problem of diabetes in Slovakia, the WHO Country Office created a press release and participated in media events. Dr Darina Sedláková, Head of WHO Country Office in Slovakia, was interviewed by a local newspaper and television station.

Additionally, Dr Eva Madajova, President of the Association for Support of Diabetics, gave a radio interview, where she emphasized that despite a high level of medical care in Slovakia for people who live with diabetes, there is still a lack of counselling on self-management of diabetes and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Public health institutes organized activities throughout the country in connection with World Health Day. This "Open door day" offered people the chance to have blood pressure tests, blood glucose level tests, body mass index tests and health counselling. Individuals at risk of getting diabetes were welcomed to check their health and receive recommendations from experts on physical activity and healthy diet. The Ministry of Health joined this public awareness campaign, and 96 of its employees were examined.

The WHO Country Office has traditionally collaborated with diabetes patient organizations to improve health services. Today, the Country Office focuses primarily on supporting integrated and community services.