Slovakia raises awareness about vaccination

A new publication on vaccination in Slovakia and the European Union was launched at the start of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union this month to educate experts, health workers and the general public on the importance of vaccination in preventing serious diseases. Developed with financial and technical support from WHO/Europe as part of its biennial collaborative agreement with the Ministry of Health, the document, entitled “Importance of vaccination: diseases we can prevent thanks to vaccination”, provides readers with information on:

  • the historic development of vaccination;
  • its importance for public health, including in providing data on morbidity and vaccination coverage for selected communicable diseases;
  • experiences with vaccination in Slovakia;
  • development of the national immunization programme in Slovakia;
  • activities, programmes and strategies of the European Union bodies and Member States in the area of immunization;
  • goals, objectives and strategies adopted by Member States of the WHO European Region in the European Vaccine Action Plan 2015–2020.

Communicable diseases do not respect state borders, which is why exceptional attention must be paid to cooperation, coordination of procedures, information sharing and common rapid response to these threats among countries. This new publication will be used to draw attention to these issues for the duration of Slovakia’s Council Presidency (through 31 December 2016) and beyond.