A bottom-up approach to employment (2018)



By: Lucia Bosáková
2018, xii + 54 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5321 1
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This report reviews a bottom-up approach to employing Roma, a large, hard-to-employ group of people, in Slovakia. This unique approach follows four steps. First, it involves hard-to-employ people in the job search process, ensuring that they receive a stable income that enables them to support their families. Second, it helps them to develop qualifications and skills to improve their opportunities in the labour market. Third, it focuses on improving the quality of life in their community, aiming to make the employment of one family member beneficial for the whole family, and ultimately for the entire community. Fourth, it supports children’s education, aiming to motivate and encourage children to acquire education and skills that could increase their opportunities in the labour market.