The WHO Country Office, Slovenia was re-established in February 2007 in Ljubljana to design and deliver WHO programmes in consultation with the Slovene authorities. The Office is the focal point for WHO activities and consists of 2 staff members. Its role is to respond to requests to support policy-making for sustainable health development.

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European and World Immunization Week 2018 in Slovenia: vaccination is the right of the individual and responsibility of everyone

European and World Immunization Week was celebrated in Slovenia on 23–30 April 2018, highlighting the right of every individual to be vaccinated and the responsibility of society to ensure access to vaccination.

WHO/Europe offices

WHO Country Office, Slovenia
Trubarjeva c. 2
Ljubljana SI-1000
Tel.: +386 1 244 15 85, +386 5 996 95 31
Fax: +386 1 244 15 84

Ministry of health

Ministry of Health
Štefanova 5
Ljubljana SI-1000
Tel.: +386 1 478 6094; +386 1 478 6003, +386 1 478 6036; +386 31 395288 mob
Fax: +386 1 251 6641

Regional Committee

"Leaving no one behind is our call to action"

Regional Director addresses the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Budapest, Hungary

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Total health expenditure as% of gross domestic product (as of 2011)

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