New clinical health promotion research centre opens in Scandinavia

Clinical Health Promotion Centre

Prof. Doctor Hanne Tønnesen, speaking at the opening of the Clinical Health Promotion Centre, a collaboration between Nordic research institutions

The opening of the brand new Clinical Health Promotion Centre, a collaboration between Nordic research institutions, was celebrated on 18 November 2011 at Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. The new centre will strengthen global clinical research and development in five key areas: alcohol/drugs, tobacco, nutrition, physical activity and comorbidity.

The centre is a merger between the existing Danish WHO Collaborating Centre for Evidence-Based Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Services and the Swedish Clinical Alcohol Research Unit at Lund University.

In the official opening address, the Vice-President of Bispebjerg Hospital, Steen Werner Hansen, said “Bispebjerg Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Denmark that began working with health promotion for patients and staff. So we are very pleased to have the new Nordic research centre anchored here, too. The Clinical Health Promotion Centre is working globally to incorporate research into the day-to-day health promotion efforts of hospital clinics. The Centre’s collaboration with WHO is a valued part of the hospital's overall profile.”

Dr Maria Ruseva, Programme Manager for Public Health Services, WHO/Europe, expressed her great satisfaction with the Centre’s work in disseminating clinical health promotion research and development worldwide. She also emphasized the importance of WHO’s close collaboration with the Centre.
In her opening speech, the Centre’s Director, Professor Hanne Tønnesen, said “The reason for opening this new research centre is the widespread need for even better clinical health promotion research, development and education all over the world. In all that we do, we are aiming for better health gain for patients, staff and the community.”

About the Centre

Among the centre’s main activities are:

  • research and development, education and quality assurance;
  • administration of the International Network for Health-Promoting Hospitals and Health Services initiated by WHO;
  • management of the Danish National Smoking Cessation Database; and most recently
  • producing the newly established scientific journal Clinical Health Promotion – Research and Best Practice for patients, staff and community.

The Clinical Health Promotion Centre has more than 28 staff, including 9 postdoctoral researchers and 7 PhD students. The Centre’s Danish offices are located at Bispebjerg University Hospital in Copenhagen, while its Swedish offices are located at Skåne University Hospital, Malmö.