Workshop on management of people with polio

WHO/Jack Galley

Hands on training during the workshop

A special workshop on management of people with polio during recovery phase, especially on prevention of deformities, was conducted on 04 June 2010 after a specific request from the Ministry of Health of Republic of Tajikistan. 34 doctors participated in the workshop, and for most of them, it was a new experience, particularly in the field of polio management.

WHO guidelines for the prevention of deformities in polio, especially in Russian, were used. Participant were offered a copy of the guidelines.

During the workshop there was a presentation in English, Russian and Tajik. A draft poster was handed over to the participants demonstrating the exercise techniques required, especially during the recovery phase.

As part of the training workshop, a hands-on-session was conducted to train doctors on how to make splints to keep the foot at 90 degrees and the leg straight. Locally available materials such as sand, cotton, wood, pieces of carpet, socks, cotton bandages and POP (Gypsum) bandages were used for demonstration purposes.

There was a great enthusiasm from the participants to acquire the skill and knowledge.