World Blood Donor Day: become a blood donor and save lives

UNDP/Svyatoslav Etimad

For International World Blood Donor Day, a charity marathon was held on 13 June 2010 to thank those who donate blood and to expand the number of donors. The event was organized by the National Blood Center, under the Ministry of Health of Republic of Tajikistan, in partnership with United Nations Development Programme in Tajikistan and was attended by interested citizens of Tajikistan, as well as representatives of various international organizations and different nongovernmental organizations.

Countries across the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day under different slogans. This year the theme was “New blood for mankind”, which targets the younger generation. “The main purpose of the organized event is to inform the general public about the need for donations, and that the blood of donors helps save the lives of people, especially those who need it most”, said Mr Burhoniddin Bahovadinov, Director of the National Blood Center.

“I have been a blood donor since 1981”, said nurse Nina Pogosyan. “I respect this day. I hope that our blood will help and save the lives of many people.”

Another donor, Elena Zemlyanova, a former teacher, said that before she began to donate her blood, she had high blood pressure. After becoming a blood donor Elena now has normal blood pressure. “When I clearly saw that my own blood could save the lives of other people, I felt great happiness. I would like to say that unfortunately, we do not have many donors in the Republic of Tajikistan and I would like to encourage the people to be future donors for the people, who need and to save lives”, said Elena Zemlyanova.

A meeting and concert on 14 June 2010 were the final part of all activities in honour of the day. More than 750 citizens of the capital, including honorary donors, guests from all regions of the country, were able to visit the cinema complex Kohi Jomi.

In conclusion the people had the opportunity to enjoy a colourful show with the participation of Tajik pop stars and various dance ensembles.