Quality management of blood services in Tajikistan

A workshop on quality management of blood services was held 29 November-11 December 2010 at the National Scientific Blood Center (NSBC) with support from WHO/Europe and Global Fund Round 8 HIV/AIDS.

National staff received training on compliance with international recommendations on quality management based on WHO guidelines, considering the current situation and needs of the country. Twenty five specialists from blood services and clinicians of Central District Hospitals from RRS, Soghd, Khatlon and GBAO have participated in the workshop obtaining skills and knowledge on quality management, including responsibility for quality, development of Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), documentation, issues of safety and risk minimization, monitoring of quality of blood products as well as their storage and transportation.

The trainers for the workshop came from the National Scientific Blood Center. An international expert was invited to facilitate in the course of the training. Regional trainings on Quality Management in Khodjent and Kurgan-Tube for specialists of blood services and central district hospitals of Soghd and Khatlon oblasts are scheduled for December 2010 and January 2011.