Meeting with development partners in the health sector


As chair of the health group under the Donor Coordination Council (DCC), the WHO Country Office, Tajikistan convened a meeting with development partners working in the country’s health sector on 2 February 2011. Its aim was:

  • to address key aspects of health-sector coordination in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness; and
  • to help ensure implementation of the Government’s national health strategy for 2010–2020.

The discussion focused on a mechanism for coordination among the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, the other sectors of the Government, development partners and the DCC. The WHO Country Office proposed a model that had three levels and ensured consistent information flow and dialogue. At the basic level, coordination is ensured among technical working groups, with technical assistance provided by the Health Policy analysis Unit at the Ministry of Health and by various donors. The information flow from the technical level is then shared and used by the next levels, where intra- and intersectoral discussions are held on policy and strategic issues. The proposed model is to be endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Government and put to use.

In addition, WHO began to carry out the plans to ensure implementation of the Government’s national health strategy that were decided during a development forum in December 2010. The Country Office took the lead in the discussion of the priorities, agreed between the Government and the DCC and development partners, to be addressed in the coming year. The objectives of the development forum’s action plan include:

  • adopting and starting implementation of the action plan for the national health strategy;
  • maintaining increased state budget allocations for health (6.1%), and expanding and fully implementing per capita financing; and
  • consolidating public health spending through pooling in at least one oblast.

The meeting was the first coordination event of 2011 among the development partners working in the health sector in Tajikistan. The discussions are planned to continue under WHO’s leadership.