A series of micro planning trainings in preparation for Polio National Immunization Days (NIDs) in Tajikistan

As part of a contingency plan and as recommended by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the Ministry of Health is planning to conduct National Immunization Days (NID) against Poliomyelitis in order to provide every child aged 0–5 years with extra doses of three valent Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) to stop further transmission of Polio-virus among the population. This will take place in two rounds and will be led by the Ministry of Health through the Republican Center for Immunoprophylax during the periods below:

  • 1st Round Apil 18–22 2011
  • 2nd Round 23–27 May 2011

The Ministry of Health requested support from WHO and UNICEF for macro and micro campaign planning, vaccine supplies, and support for in-country logistics as well as operational and social mobilization of the population.

In accordance with WHO standards, a micro planning training and a training for those giving the vaccinations was proposed to ensure safe and effective implementation of the NIDs. Specialists and experts from the country offices of both WHO and UNICEF, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, organized these micro planning trainings at national and sub-national levels. This included the training of specialists form the Soghd, Khatlon and GBAO oblasts as well as the Districts of Republican Subordination (DRP). The training at the national level included 45 participants while at the subnational level, 218 people participated.

Further training will be provided for EPI managers, SSSES and PHC managers with the key objective of preparing health care specialists for micro planning the National Immunization Days.