Assessing quality of hospital care for mothers and newborns in Tajikistan

WHO/Tahmina Alimamedova

Dialogue between national expert and midwife on partograph form filling

A quality assessment of maternal and newborn care took place in four selected maternity hospitals in Tajikistan 14-23 February 2011. A team of international and national experts visited selected maternity hospitals, where data was collected by

  • reviewing hospital statistics and records;
  • observing assistance given to mothers and newborns;
  • recording what equipment and drugs were available; and
  • interviewing hospital staff and patients.

At the end of the assessment, each hospital received the results, which included detailed findings, problems and an overall score. A summary of the findings and recommendations were presented to the Ministry of Health and interested partners during a stakeholder meeting 23 February 2011. A full report, which will include priorities, a health system framework and recommendations for the areas that need strengthening, will be prepared. The report will be submitted to the Ministry of Health and interested parties for further action.

The assessment was facilitated by the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan together with WHO/Europe, the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA, the USAID Quality Health Care Project and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and was based on a tool developed by WHO/Europe. This tool has been previously successfully applied in several countries of the European Region.