Call to action to protect the people in Tajikistan from disease and damage due to tobacco use


Tobacco kills more than six million people worldwide and it can be prevented. The WHO Country Office, Tajikistan and the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan marked World No Tobacco Day 2011 by calling for global action to protect the country's population from diseases and damage caused by tobacco use.

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated annually on May 31. The focus of World No Tobacco Day, held today, 31 May 2011 is on the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). The WHO FCTC is the main tool used to fight tobacco worldwide. It was the first treaty ever made as a result of negotiations conducted under the auspices of WHO, and it is a remarkable achievement in the advancement of public health.

"Prevailing in some countries, problems and diseases associated with tobacco use are extremely important in their decision, as well as preventing them", said Dr Mirzoev A.S, Deputy Minister of Health.  “Tobacco use is not conducive to liberation from it, it is addictive and is fraught with mortal danger.”

About 1.5 million of the five million annual victims of tobacco use are women. Despite the fact that among people who use tobacco there are more men than women (women make up only about 20% of all smokers in the world), there is evidence of an increasing epidemic of tobacco use among girls in some countries and regions.
"Ensuring the implementation of the WHO FCTC, governments can reduce the burden of fatal and crippling heart attacks, strokes, cancer and respiratory diseases, which are becoming more widespread in the world", added Dr Pavel Ursu, WHO Representative/Head of WHO Country Office, Tajikistan. “WHO urges governments and the public to be protected from tobacco use, as well as support the implementation and strict enforcement of laws protecting tobacco in all public and workplaces, and to take global action to combat it."

Together we can overcome difficulties and protect ourselves from tobacco use and say "NO" to tobacco!