Development of a national climate change and health adaptation strategy in Tajikistan


Under the framework of the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) project “Protecting health from climate change”, the WHO Country office in Tajikistan organized a special consultation meeting of the working group for the development of the national climate change and health adaptation strategy in Khoja Obi Garm. The purpose of the consultation meeting held 6-8 May 2011 was to take the final step in the submission and development of the draft national climate change and health adaptation strategy. The meeting consisted of presentations of the matrices of each component of the strategy, including group discussions and hands on group work.

The special consultation meeting was a part of the final discussion of the submitted results of the members of the working group on each component: water resources, agriculture, emergency situations, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, waterborne diseases, cardiology, reproductive health and tropical diseases. The meeting provided an opportunity for each member of the working group to incorporate their joint proposals and comments into the development of the final part of the strategy. Based on joint discussions during the consultation meeting, the proposals and final changes were included into the document.

The members of the working group cross checked the action plans of matrixes and based on the conclusions, agreed on amultisectoral approach. The draft strategy presents an overview of the multisectoral approach, covering:

  • adaptation of health in a view of climate change and its impacts on water resources;
  • agriculture;
  • emergency situations and extreme weather events;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • waterborne and infectious diseases; and
  • reproductive health.

The meeting was chaired by Professor Kayumov A and Mr Safo Kalandarov, Facilitator for Environmental Health Project of WHO Country office in Tajikistan in cooperation with the representative from the Ministry of health, State Sanitary Epidemiological Service, Mr Shodmonov Pirnazar (head of the working group).

Upon the approval and final recommendations provided by the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, the national climate change and health adaptation strategy will be given to the Government of Tajikistan for final approval.