National workshop on tobacco control in Tajikistan

A national intersectoral workshop on developing an action plan for tobacco control, in line with the implementation of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), was held on 5–6 October 2011; it was organized by the WHO Country Office, Tajikistan in cooperation with the country’s Ministry of Health.

The participants included staff of the Ministry of Health; the ministries responsible for foreign affairs, economic development and trade, finance, interior affairs, education and culture; the committee of television and radio broadcasting; and the state tax committee, customs service and sanitary–epidemiological surveillance service; and representatives of nongovernmental organizations and the mass media. The objective of the workshop was to discuss future work for tobacco control, including the development of a national action plan on tobacco control and progress on ratifying the FCTC.

The participants reviewed and discussed national policy on tobacco control, existing legislation and regulatory plans for the future. They developed a draft national action plan on tobacco control. The next steps will be securing approval of the action plan and then ratification of the FCTC.