World Mental Health Day in Tajikistan: investing in mental health in times of need

On 10 October 2011, the WHO Country office, Tajikistan and the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan conducted a joint special press conference dedicated to the celebration of World Mental Health Day 2011.

Dr Rakhmonov S.B., Deputy Minister of Health of Tajikistan, Dr Pavel Ursu, Head, WHO Country office, Tajikistan and Dr Kunguratov K.H., Senior Specialist, Mental Health Services of the Ministry of Health, took part in the official press conference.

At the opening of the press conference, Dr Rakhmonov S.B. stressed in his speech that there is a lack of financing for the area of the mental health from the budget of the health care system, however there are discussions on investing and increasing the funding for this area of the health care system in the country.

Dr Kunguratov K.H., showed data on the current situation in the field of mental health care in the country, including the provision of mental health care services to the population, the understanding of the diseases, the main challenges of reducing stigma and discrimination in this area, as well as the importance of the lack of the health specialists working in this area which relates to insufficient funding and financial support in the health system.

After the presentation, a question and answer session followed. During the open discussion, the journalists had an opportunity to get more information on this area of the health care system.

The local mass media from web agencies, newspapers, radios and TV stations attended the press conference.